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    Front Row Issues
    I've begun converting all my DVD's to iTunes for viewing on Front Row. I've just upgraded from Tiger, so Front Row has a new look for me. A few issues have presented themselves....

    Any TV shows that I have are sorted by Seasons, not shows....meaning that the main FR menu has 6 listings for 'The Office', each one being a single season. Old FR used to sort by Show, then season.

    Additionally, any TV show items that I have imported myself are also showing in FR 'Movies' category, making that a rather large unorganized list to sort through....just looks trashy.

    Any thoughts on that? I've been through the Google thing, checking different keywords and such to no luck, other than that some people have had issues with the newest FR.

    Basically I want to be able to browse like old FR, with new FR look.....
    if only AppleTV could have expandable harddrive I'd get that in a heartbeat!

    thanks all

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    Doesnt FR bring the movies, TV shows, Music as it stands in iTunes ?? Thats my belief.
    If you set up iTunes to show you your seasons, and not just the show wouldnt that come across in front row like that ??
    Or am i missing something (and i think i am) to what exactly what you want lol ??

    Maybe just forget my post after re-reading lol

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