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    Migrating Mail and Address Book
    Hello all,

    I got a new iMac for my wife, and was setting out to transfer her Address Book and Mail from her existing Macbook. So I try the Migration Assistant, but there appears to be no way to select individual content to move...

    So I'm trying to figure out how to transfer only those two apps and their content. I tried looking on Google for answers, but with such generic product names, I couldn't find the correct needles in the results' haystack.

    Do any of you have experience moving Mail and Address Book settings and data? Or can you point me to a site with instructions?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi there!

    If migration assistant isnt playing ball with you, the other way of getting the info from mail and address book across to your nice new mac is to use a memory stick. Heres how i'd go about it.

    Address Book: When your in address book, choose >File>Export>AddressBook Archive. This will give you to save a small file to save somewhere, save it to the memory stick, then pop in the usb on your new mac, launch Address Book, choose >File>Import> here it will ask you to locate what you want, choose the archive on the memory stick. That should get your contacts across.

    Mail: This procedure is quite similar really. Open Mail and click on the inbox/s that you want to transfer (make sure they are highlighted) then head up into the menu bar, and choose >MailBox>Archive Mailbox. This will ask you where to save the mail box archive, choose your memory stick. be aware that if the mailbox/s are big, it might take a few minutes to create. You will then be left with a mbox.
    On your new mac, launch Mail, in the menu bar choose >File>Import MailBoxs.. , this then offers you a option to import from Apple Mail, choose that option, then it will ask for the location of the mbox file we created earlier, which is on the memory stick. It might take a few minutes, but it should get your emails from one mac to another. You might still need to set up the account on the new mac though.

    I hope this this helps.

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    Thanks! I'll give that a try today. Stay tuned...

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    I'm trying to do the same; transfer Mail (multiple boxes) & Address book info from a powerbook to a new Imac. The PB containing the files is running OS 10.4 & the menus are different from those offered in the instruction previously posted.

    Mail is v2.1.3
    address v4.06

    Any suggestions?

    Rich Fisher

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