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    Smile Indexing software for shelved hard drives?
    Here's a question for backup enthusiasts out there.
    Is there some sort of freeware / shareware out there that'll index a hard drive for you and then keep a database or something that you can search?
    Let's say, for example, you have a 1TB external drive that you want to shelf. You pull out the drive, put a clean one in, and you put the old drive away. But then say I want to check if a certain file is on that drive. I'm looking for a quick way to scan through an index file of that drive to see what the contents are without having to mount the drive.
    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Oh sure, lots of disk cataloging programs!

    I happen to use one called Disktracker out of sheer laziness (been using it since OS 9!), and there are many others. Just do a google or MacUpdate search on mac disk cataloging programs. If you own Toast I believe one is actually included in the bundle.

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    I use the one that comes with Toast. It's fairly basic but it does the job.

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    I'm using the excellent CDFinder software I have got no complaints.
    It can catalog hard disks (internal and external), server volumes, DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, iPods, Blu-ray, and USB sticks.

    Download CDFinder for Mac - Catalog your external media and disks. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads
    Download DiskCatalogMaker for Mac - Catalog your disks. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads

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    Thank you everybody for your suggestions!
    I'm on my way to better data management.

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