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    Perian only works half the time
    i have a video clip in .avi format that doesnt want to play. when i open it, it says file format not supported even though i've watched it many times before. like i said, i have perian installed but it doesnt want to work. i have tried un-installing and reinstalling but that doesn't work. i could get vlc but i rather just have a quicktime plugin. any suggestions or advice is welcomed
    Mac specs: late 2009 MBP 15 inch 2.53ghz 4gb Ram 320 gb HDD, 32 gb iphone 3gs white, 16 gb iphone 2g

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    if perian is stumbling with the file there is a chance that your file may be corrupted. If you have access to the source of the file try replacing it and see if that works.

    Hope this helps

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