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    Numbers - sort columns by month
    Hi all,
    Anyone have any experience sorting iWork Numbers columns by month. I have a column set up using the pop-up menu to define all the months. So if I change a month for a particular cell, how do I re-sort it by month order?
    All it seems to do, is sort the months alphabetically.

    Is it worth getting "The Missing Manual?"



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    Howdy. That is true in most spreadsheets (unless something specific is added). I have always found it easier to use the number for the month, then it will always sort correctly.
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    Reason I asked, is that I was sure I was able to do it recently, but forgot how.

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    Create another column to hold month number and sort on that? You could set the number using a VLOOKUP table (that is in Excel terminology - not sure what Numbers formula is).
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