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Thread: Shrinking Fonts

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    Shrinking Fonts
    Every time use adobe reader all my fonts get smaller. Using snow leopard 10.6.4 has anyone experienced this problem? If so how is it fixed?

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    Quick fix: Use Preview instead of Adobe Reader because Reader is junk.

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    You would have probably gotten a quicker answer having posted it in the right forum. This clearly has nothing to do with the MacWorld 2010 expo. Moved appropriately.

    As to your question, try adjusting your Zoom settings. Not sure how that's done in Acrobat (I use the built-in tool, Preview, which I find to be vastly superior), but typically Command + increases the zoom and Command - reduces it. Alternatively, check the View menu under Zoom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justdancin View Post
    Using snow leopard 10.6.4
    That's amazing!

    Every time use adobe reader all my fonts get smaller.
    Well, I doubt that. A more accurate description might be helpful for finding a solution. Every time? Then wouldn't it eventually be too small to even see it? Does this apply to the same file being opened multiple times? Or is it any file, where the second one opened has smaller text that the first one opened?

    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    You would have probably gotten a quicker answer having posted it in the right forum.
    I dunno. One hour is pretty quick!

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