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    Inconsistencies with "Back to My Mac"
    So Ive recently signed up for MobileMe and I love the idea of Back to My Mac.
    I have a 27in iMac at home, and i bring my 15in MBP with me to work everyday.

    For the past few days connecting to my iMac has been very inconsistent.
    It works fine once but after i disconnected it will not connect again.
    I can see my iMac in the shared list, it attempts to connect but fails.

    - At home I have a Linksys WRT54GSv6, with UPnP enabled.
    - Here at work i connect through ZyXEL modem & router. (not 100% sure the models)
    - The iMac at home is set to never go to sleep.

    I do have a 2TB TC on it's way. I know using that, it wakes up a sleeping computer when you try to connect to it. But not sure if it will work any better then my current setup. (but i did not get it for that reason, i wanted it for the dual band router and back up)

    Any help or opinions would be fantastic

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    Ive contacted MobileMe support via chat a few times now.

    They wanted me to do a traceroute to the iMac, but since i had a router (linksys) the iMac did not have a public IP address that i can run the traceroute to. So i went home, removed the router, connected the iMac to my cable modem. The next day the problem was persistent, i did a traceroute and it was able to hit the iMac successfully.

    I contacted the chat support again, and advised them that the traceroute was successful. But since no one is home, it makes trouble shooting the iMac a bit difficult since the two computers need to be on separate internet connections.

    They gave me a MobileMe Test account to try, just in case the problem is with my account. I haven't tried this yet because i just got my 2TB time capsule today and was hopping i had better luck with that.

    I Just got to work and started screen/file share about 3 times. But sadly, I'm back to the same problem. It fails again. I've restarted the computer and disabled/enabled "back to my mac", but that did not help.

    I am also going to enable the guest WiFi access on my Time Capsule and see if by connecting my MBP through that internet connection, it will act as they are on two different internet connections; so i can trouble shoot the problem at home.

    If that does not work, i will try the test account tomorrow.

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