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    I have recently had trouble with my email account. I got back a research paper that had written and wanted to send a copy of it to someone. I scanned it and turned it into a .pdf file. The first problem I encountered was that it took an extremely long time to send. Somewhere around 45 minutes. After it finally sent, which I haven't confirmed that it was received yet, the mail application started acting up. First the subfolders wouldn't refresh with messages I knew where there, via iphone. Then it started taking several minutes to send basic text emails. The program became unresponsive and would only quit through force quit. The only way I could remedy the problem was to remove my account and then add it back. It is a gmail account so this wasn't difficult. Has anyone else experienced problems like this? I searched the forum and have seen that others have had problems although not exactly like mine. Is this just bugs in the program or what? Everything appears to be running smoothly now, but I am considering switching applications. I am just interested in getting some feedback.


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    The scanned pdf file was probably huge. Mail doesn't like to send large files.

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    it was around 7mb. I wouldn't have thought that to be very large. Is there a better way to send this sort of material next time?

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    I haven't really experienced the problem you have described but I have had some large files not being received.

    Quote Originally Posted by meklo View Post
    it was around 7mb. I wouldn't have thought that to be very large. Is there a better way to send this sort of material next time?
    Try scanning your file at a lower resolution and quality setting. You can also try sending the file through Gmail's website rather than Mail and see if that makes a difference.

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