Argh, this is becoming annoying now. Never used to happen until a few weeks ago. There are 2 or 3 sites that I regularly visit and are bookmarked. I used to always save the login and password so that I didn't have to do type it in. However, I can't seem to access my accounts or do much since I try clicking 'Login' or something but it never does. The login and password boxes are still prefilled with the *s and stuff, which should normally disappear once you have successfully logged in, until you decide to log out sometime later. So basically, I just keep clicking 'Login' and it says that I have successfully logged in, then the login/password boxes are still there so I click 'Login' in again and it also says I have logged in successfully, but the login/password boxes are again still there!

I know it's nothing to do with the sites (one of them is and nothing to do with my accounts on them because I'm able to log in successfully with Safari and also with Firefox on my Windows PC. If it wasn't for the fact that you could hover your mouse and browse through your bookmarks on the bookmarks bar without having to click on the menu names all the time (since I do use my bookmarks a lot and it's much quicker this way), then I so would be back on Safari or Camino again.

So does anyone have any idea why my login/password attempts aren't working with some sites? I must stress again that it has nothing to do with the accounts on the sites and that this only seems to happen with Firefox on my iBook. It's becoming so annoying having to always start up Safari when I want to post or download something from those sites for example.

For example, here is what happens when I try logging into GameFaqs:
- on Firefox before I try logging in:
- on Firefox after I attempt to log in: the same as above (no changes)
- on Safari before I try logging in:
- on Safari after I try logging in: (changed and now successfully logged in)