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    Word to Pages
    Hi there

    I have a MacBook Pro which has Microsoft Office:Mac installed and I want to take a document I have been working on from there to my iMac which has Pages but not word. I have tried to do this but when I attempt to open the file I get: "Import error the file format is invalid"

    I tried saving the document as a PDF on my MacBook, but then I could only open it as a PDF or a JPEG/ BITMAP on my iMac, and so couldn't continue to work on it.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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    Pages to Word is definitely possible. I don't think the other way works without jumping through some hoops. You can do a SaveAs in Word and select Text Only as the file format. That should open with TextEdit. From there you can Select All and Paste it into a blank Pages file, and SaveAs whatever filename you choose.

    The thing is that Word does not give you the option to save in Pages format. But, Pages lets you save in Word formats. Anybody know a better way?

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    Pages should be able to open both .doc and .docx files. It's not going to open a .xls file.
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    I'ld reccommend installing Openoffice and using that. But, as an immediate work-around if you open your PDF in Preview you should be able to highlite and select the text and then copy and paste it into Pages. I've done this in the past when I couldn't get an eBook to cooperate with Stanza. Pages can export as a PDF also, as well as Word format.

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    To the OP:

    Pages can save to *.DOC and can read *.DOC. Are you saving the Word documents as *.DOCX? I'm not sure Pages can read XML format? Save your Word document in *.RTF or *.DOC and then Pages will be able to open it.


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    Just had this problem the other day. All it took was a quick Software Update to the current version of Pages (4.0.3). Fixed!

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