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    Question Uninstalling apps from 10.6
    Hi - I'm a new Mac user and I have a question re: uninstalling apps from Mac OS. I've already read posts about dragging icons in to the trash can but recommending using the uninstaller if the program came with an installer.

    I had an Epson printer which I installed using the CD-ROM can came with it. Then I sold the printer with the CD-ROM, not realising that the uninstaller package was on the disc. I used App Zapper to remove anything that had Epson in it's name but there were still some folders in the Applications section which I deleted manually. (I realise this may have been wrong).

    The only thing Epson related that I can see in Finder is some files in the Preferences section of the Library in a folder called Epson PIF. There are loads of small Epson files (20-200k) in there with "date modified" in 2007 (i.e 2 years before I got my Mac). They all have the file suffix .fd2.

    Does anyone know if these are important or can be deleted safely? Yes I know I should have used the Uninstaller from the CD now.


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    i dont see why you couldnt delete them.
    but yes next time make sure you use the un-installer

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    If you're really concerned about the files on your drive, you could always download the drivers from the manufacturer, install them and then use the uninstaller that comes with the download. Install them first as the uninstaller may not work properly if certain files aren't present.
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    Thanks a lot - I will try as you suggest.

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