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    Rome Total War - Console cheat screen?
    Hello - I've just bought the new Rome Total War editon for Mac. However on the campaign I am having trouble trying to locate the console screen used to toggle the fog of war and other cheats etc... I'm on a Macbook Pro OS X. I've tried most keys and with combinations of shift or alt but no luck.... Can anyone help or does anyone know how to bring it up? Thanks.


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    Usually you can just press the '~' key to bring the console up. If this doesn't work, look for toggle console on/off in the game options

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    Hi kernowpilgrim,

    When you load up the game and the console window 'Rome Total War options' comes up where you have to click 'play' to get onto the game, there are tabs at the top. Go to the 'advanced' tab and make sure 'enable rome shell' is ticked.
    Then when in the game, use the `/~ key to bring up the console and you can use all the same Windows cheats such as add_money, add_population, process_cq etc etc are welcome : )

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    That worked brilliantly! Thanks dude!

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    I tried what you told but I cannot open the consol....

    Maybe this is due to my console... I use a swiss-german keyboard...

    By the way I found in another forum that one could change some file in the data directory in order to be able to reset the key for showing the console ingame.... (in the options menu), but as the data directory is in a nonwriteable dmg I cannot change anything....

    I would also like to unlock all other factions, which also needs to change some files.... Can anybody tell me how to do that???



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    Exclamation cheats not working
    Thanx that was really useful. but the problem is no matter what the cheat is. it wont work. The main one i want is force diplomacy but it doesnt work. i always type it "force_diplomacy [accept]" am i doing something wrong?

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    Also need help with the console screen.
    Sorry to bother you guys but I'v been serching all over the internet (almost) for a solution to my problem. Even thogh I have the "Enable Romeshell" ticked there is no button ingame that will give me the console.

    I'v tried every possible combination with CMD, ALT, CTRL and SHIFT. And ofcourse without them to.

    Can anyone perhaps give me an awesome answer and save my day?

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