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    Database needed - similar to Sage ACT?
    Ive previously used Sage ACT database (im self employed) and it does everything that I needed
    List client details
    Note where jobs go to
    Note when jobs completed
    Invoice details
    When Paid
    When additional info recvd

    And i need to be able to create and pull of simple reports of a combination of these.

    As im only used to ACT i have no idea what is out there on the Mac and of course Sage ACT is not compatible with Macs so im stuck!

    Can anyone recommend me a good database to use for my home business?

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    I don't use ACT, but I've known a lot of devoted fans of it. From what I understand of the program, you might want to take a look at this:

    Now Software
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    Thanks for that, ive had a look at the demo and it seems its a basic contact management programme, ACT did so much more, it was a bit like a the old Microsoft Access but with the ability to do a lot more, its not so much the contact side im after more the keeping tabs on whats been done on each client but that i can see the multiple clients info at the same time if that makes sense?

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    Database needed - similar to Sage ACT?
    Take a look at Wired Contact
    WiredContact : Features
    Looks like ACT!, feels like ACT!, has ACT! in its pedigree, but much lighter - but full-featured.

    It is normally sold as a self-hosted web-based solution - but if you don't want to run a Windows server then there are hosting partners that will host for you.
    I saw a demo and loved it (I am an ACT! Consultant).

    Other solutions: run ACT! on a virtual machine (eg Windows XP on VMware) or have a hosted ACT! for Web solution.

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