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    Microsoft office 2008
    This is about the student and home edition. Does anyone have any big problems with this for it not working? The reviews on the apple site is 2 and a half stars. I am a student and I just use office for the main products, word, excel, and powerpoint. That is really it. But I am just concered about buying it since the reviews suck. So does it do what i need it to do well? I dont really need entourage, I really have no idea what that is.

    So does it work well for you? Does it have any problems?

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    Works fine for me. There's a little learning curve on each of the program interfaces, but nothing major. I run it on both Powerbooks and on the MBP with no problems whatsoever.

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    Some users have a real love/hate relationship with Microsoft. The low rating is probably due to some people being upset by the makeover the 2008 version got versus the 2004 version.

    You might want to consider switching to iWork, which is $79 from Apple and features Pages (a combination Word Processor and DTP layout app that's highly MS Word compatible), Keynote (blows the doors off PowerPoint) and Numbers (a very radical rethink of spreadsheets -- hard for Excel users to "get into" and doesn't have all the features of Excel, but if you learn it you will make spreadsheets that will make grown Excel users weep with jealousy).

    Or, just buy MS Office 2008. From everything I've seen, it seems like a perfectly adequate product; it just carries a lot of "user baggage."

    Do note that coming later this year is an all-new version of Office that promises some substantive changes, so if you don't need this immediately you might want to wait till summer.

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    Works fine for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazypotatos View Post
    So does it work well for you? Does it have any problems?
    Yes to both. It works well enough. Excel has more problems than Word, and I don't use PowerPoint. The problems are minor frustrations, nothing insurmountable. Office 2010 is supposed to be coming out, but I don't know if a release date has been set.

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    I have had no problems with it so far and everything seems to be working alright. As for the release date of Office 2010 it is this June.

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    Works just great subject to updating with all MS updates, currently version 12.2.3. Dlo not bother switching to anything else!

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    MS Office 2008 works just fine here. Don't know why it received a low review, however, since it's a MS product I can understand why. Lots of MS haters out there....

    If you want 100% compatibility with other Office users, then you need Office 2008 or Office 2007 if you're a Windows guy.


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