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    Question Desperate for a POP monitor with bounce options
    We have just got rid of almost all the Windoze boxes in our office and changed them for shiny new i-Macs (now that they have a 'real' OS!).

    We monitor over 70 email addresses and are plagued by ridiculous amounts of spam; on the MS boxes we used Mailwasher Pro which gave us the option of auto deletion/bounce on all emails which had been marked as bad by the excellent learning rules of the software. A simple click to process and only genuine emails came into our inboxes.

    I have searched for almost a week now and unless I'm getting particularly myopic in my advancing years, i cannot find anything similar for our Macs.

    Found several which makes us mark emails individually and then process, but none have the bounce facility. We get over 400 emails a day usually so it's pretty important for us to have something which works quickly and efficiently.

    Any ideas would be most gratefully received (except using Parallels - we're right off Windows!).


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    Bouncing does absolutely no good, as spammers are using faked addresses anyway.

    I think SpamAssassin is held in pretty high regard for what you're looking for, as is Spamsieve and Purify, and you can also look at SpamCop (which does ISP reporting).

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    Thanks Chas

    We already use SpamAssassin server side on all our mail servers but we only configure it to mark potential spam as spam - we don't use it to delete or bounce (RFCs don't recommend this apparently).

    We have accounts with SpamCop (as well as being a part of ProjectHoneypot) and what we liked about mailwasher was that after it had learned what was spam and what was not, a single click deleted, bounced and reported spam. With the amount we get, that's an important element for us.

    I take your point about bouncing (especially as some of the spam is spoofed to come from some of our own addresses) - I guess it's a comfort thing really.

    We looked at the Sieve but unless I missed it, it still looks like we have to delete each one individually - might just as well write rules in our mail clients and do that there.

    We'll take a look at the other one you mentioned and see if that fits the bill. If not, I guess we'll just have to wait for Firetrust to port theirs to OS X.


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