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Thread: Problems with Mail

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    Problems with Mail
    I got my MacBook Pro in December, and set up my mail account (using Gmail). It worked fine until February 21. Since then I have not been able to receive emails using the Mail app (I can use webmail however). I sent myself an email using the Mail app, which was received online, but not in Mail.
    I was trying to send my friend a few videos when it stopped working, the email was too large for the Gmail server, so I just sent them in different emails. But yeah, since then, it's been stagnant.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You probably inadvertently changed something in your GMail account setup from Apple Mail. Best thing to do is first move all your email messages that you have stored to a different account or separate folder outside of Apple mail, and then remove the GMail account.

    Set it up again as new following the GMail instructions on their site. Set it up for iMAP rather than POP if that's what you used before.


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    That worked, thank you so much.

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