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    Audiosurf on Snow Leopard?
    I've recently discovered the wonder that is Audiosurf, and I was wondering if there was a reasonable way of installing it on OS-X. If I use WINE or CrossOver, it won't let me access my external hard-drive (where all my music is - how handy) and if I run it on Parallels, it's either really laggy and buggy, or it just crashes Parallels completely.

    Has anyone found a way of running it smoothly?

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    You may be able to run it VIA steam... I don't know if you can use your copy without buying it from Steam, though.

    I am going to download the demo through steam and report back to see if it works.

    So far Bioshock and Counter Strike Source have both worked, so I believe this may too.

    Download Steam for Snow Leopard here.

    EDIT: This option does not seem to work either.

    I looked at the system requirements, you probably need to run it in bootcamp. You can try bumping up how many resources (RAM etc.) you give to Windows via Parallels, this may help you cope with the lagging.

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