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    Office 2008

    Am new to Mac just purchased a Mac Book Pro. Anyhow i was wondering whether documents designed in Office 2008 will be compatible with Documents designed in Office 2007 for windows?

    Thanks for any input..

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    It's definitely compatible with MS office 2007 for windows. don't worry.
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    I've found compatibility, to a degree, with Office 2004 and Windows versions. Especially in Excel, which I use the most, the formatting gets messed up frequently. The formulas and fonts translate fine, but I often have to adjust cell sizes, margins... that type of stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if you find the same behavior with 2008.

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    One thing go into Office 2008 preferences and make sure the default for saving documents is set as .doc and NOT .docx.

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    If you're trying to open an Office 2008 doc in Office 2007, there should be no need to change the default to the old Office format.

    To the OP: Unless you're using really fancy stuff (like VBA Macros), you should be fine. If you're concerned, give/send an Office 2007/2008 format copy along with an Office 2003/2004 format version.
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