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Thread: New iMac - Excel 2008 really slow

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    New iMac - Excel 2008 really slow

    I just bought a new iMac, Intel quad core 2.66 i5, 4G ram, with Office for Mac 2008. My former computer is an Asus laptop, dual core 2.2, 3G of ram with office 2007 that I bough in january 2008. I installed the latest OS and Excel updates.

    I try to use an EXCEL file I created, its not very large, 700 ko, but it does has a lot of complex formulas (no macros (it wouldn't work anyway with office mac)). Since it has a lot of formulas, I use the "compute on order only" option.

    It takes 2 seconds on my Asus and 17 seconds on my new iMac to recalculate the file after I changed a value... and I have bigger and more complex file. All the values computed on the Mac seem to be correct, but it is slow, very slow.

    This is unusable and unbearable.

    Is there anything I can do ?

    Thank you!

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    You don't say what you've tried, such as:

    Copy and Paste the contents into a new file

    Replace the Excel plist file

    Reinstall Office

    Switch to NeoOffice or Open Office

    Wait for Office 2010 to come out and stabilize (long term: 2011?)

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