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Thread: Windows media player for MAC

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    Windows media player for MAC
    Anyone know how to delete the "open Recent" list out of Windows Media player for MAC? I've tried everything and have done a search. I've even tried removing the program and then reinstalling it...but the old OPEN RECENT list is STILL THERE!! ahhh!!

    there has got to be some way to do this. I know you have to edit the registry in a windows based machine. how would one do this with OSX?

    thanks for your help!!!

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    To clean the recent playlist in WinXP you don't have to play with the registry, there is an option in the preferences menu that i can't find in the Mac version. WM keeps the list as a kind of bookmark system but i can't find it either. If as you say after deleting the program and reinstalling it the playlist is the same it has to be within a preference files somewhere else, i have tried to cleanup with Onix but nothing yet.

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    go to users/username/Library/Preferences/ and delete Windows Media Player Prefs and Windows Media Favorites. Tried it and all my recent stuff was gone.

    That should do it for you.

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