I have had a few people ask me this question and I've had no answer for it so I am asking here. I can install PC only discs with crossover just fine. But how do I install a Mac/PC hybrid disc via crossover. Because only the Mac portion of the disc mounts under OS X. But I need the PC portion to mount also.

Does anyone know how to do this?


OK, here's the terminal command to mount the Windows side of such a
disc. At least, it works for some disks. I can't guarantee that it
will work for your disc. PERFORM THE FOLLOWING AT YOUR OWN RISK.

First, you need a directory in the file system where the files from
the disc will appear. You might as well just create a new one. In
Terminal, type:

mkdir cd

This creates a directory named "cd". You can name it whatever you want.

Now you need to determine the device name of the CD. Open Disc
Utility, select the CD (the Mac side which is automatically mounted)
and press the Info toolbar button. There should be a field labeled
"Disk Identifier". The value to the right is the device name for the
Mac side of the CD. It probably ends with "s1" or "s2". The device
name for the CD as a whole is the device name of the Mac side minus
the trailing "s1" or "s2".

To mount the Windows side of the CD, type this in the Terminal:

mount -t cd9660 -r /dev/<device name of CD> <name of directory you

For example, I've mounted a Windows/Mac hybrid CD. Disk Utility tells
me that the Disk Identifier of the Mac side is "disk2s1s2".
Therefore, I determine that the device name of the CD as a whole is
"disk2s1". I've created a directory "cd" as the mount target. The
command I issue is:

mount -t cd9660 -r /dev/disk2s1 cd

That should mount the Windows side of the CD.

Now you can use CrossOver to install the software from the Windows
side. After you are done, you need to unmount the Windows side of the
CD. The command to do that is:

umount <name of directory>

Following the example I gave above, I would do:

umount cd

After that, you can eject the CD normally.
Support - Ticket System - Ticket #112534: WINDOWS / MAC HYBRID CDS .. info needed - CodeWeavers

I followed what I read there on how to mount the PC side of the disc in OS X but each time I get an error similar to this in terminal.

/System/Library/Extensions/cd9660.kext failed to load - (libkern/kext) not privileged; check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil(8).
mount_cd9660: No such file or directory
So I'm at a loss as to how to be doing this. Does anyone know of an easy way?