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K515 02-15-2010 12:10 PM

first-time imovie 09 user - help?
Hello - I have a DVD movie titled The Olympic Series Golden Moments 1920 - 2002 which I did some still captures on an Asus Eee PC netbok but the still captures are badly interlaced (see this) What is deinterlacing? The best method to deinterlace movies

and I found here (link) de-interlace in imovie - Mac Forums

that it's possible to de-interlace the video with imovie 09. So what I'm really asking is, how do I transfer the video from this DVD to imovie?

and of the several books on imovie/idvd that're available at the local Barnes & Noble book store, what book should I get that will show me how to de-interlce and sharpen the video from the DVD as well as show me how to create DVD slideshows in idvd (came with my MBP that I ordered brand-new from's online store in July 2009 following the WWDC in June 8 - 12 2009) with menus?

Also, is it possible to get still captures from a video in imovie and transfer these still captures to a PC for editing in photoshop cs 3?

a few screen shots I captured from this dvd last night -

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