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    Angry Entourage capitalization hack available?
    Hi all,

    I HATE when entourage capitalizes words for me! Every time I write, "...our I.T. guy says" it sees the period and 'corrects' it to "...our I.T. Guy says", or "...rotate 90 to the left, i.e. counter-clockwise" changes to "...rotate 90 to the left, i.e. Counter-clockwise". Grrr! Or a.m. and p.m., etc. etc. etc. (Oh! and etc., too!)

    I have the 'check spelling as you type' option deselected, and that's the only option in preferences that I can find that would address something like this.

    Does anyone have a script that I can use to make Entourage stop doing this?

    Thanks kindly!

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    Tools > AutoCorrect...

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