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    Is there a 'reminder' function on the mac..
    For people who need to do a particular thing once a month (on a particular day) for example... and who forget.

    Can you get the Mac to beep or flash (or whatever) at you to jolt your memory. I definitely need it and it would be very handy..

    Many thanks


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    Use iCal, set it to email you
    Create a calendar named, say, reminders, put the events in to repeat monthly, and alarm, email reminder
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    Quote Originally Posted by podraig View Post
    Use iCal, set it to email you
    Create a calendar named, say, reminders, put the events in to repeat monthly, and alarm, email reminder
    That's exactly what I'd do - I use iCal for everything, from my work shift pattern, through family birthdays, to reminding me to calibrate my MacBook battery

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    More Details

    The build on podraig's response, here is exactly what you need to do in order to implement a reminder system in iCal.

    Fire up iCal from you dock, your applications folder in Finder or by hitting Cmd + Space and entering "iCal". When iCal opens, on the left-hand side (by default) you will see a list of calendars. We need to add a calendar to this list by clicking the "+" icon in the bottom-left of iCal:

    Once clicked, you'll get the option of entering the name of a new calendar:

    Set the name of your new calendar to whatever you want, such as "Reminders". Next, we need to create a few entries for this calendar. This is simple to do. Firstly, select the date you want to set a reminder for and simply right-click and click "New Event".

    Once your new event has been created, it should automatically be set for your new calendar. However, we want to configure a few more options and this is just as easy to do. Firstly, double-click on your new event/reminder to get this window:

    From this window you can edit all of the event's settings, including the time of the event and the alarm settings (the import part for you). As you can see it's been assigned to the "Untitled" calendar because I was lazy and didn't enter a name for it. You should see the name of your calendar here; this is import for you also, as it defines this event as being a part of your reminders calendar.

    I think you should be OK from here onwards but feel free to ask if you have any other questions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tomthesuperdude View Post
    Can you get the Mac to beep or flash (or whatever) at you to jolt your memory.
    Yeah, but if you're not sitting at the Mac or within "earshot" when it beeps, you'll miss it. The e-mail option is another choice, but I use the Message option. That allows you to set a time at which a window with your reminder pops up on your screen. So, if you're away from the computer, that note will be there for you the next time you wake it up.

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