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Thread: Convert Vob to avi

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    Convert Vob to avi

    I have a load of unprotected kids DVDs that I want to back up; the idea is that I can take a USB disk on holiday and use a DVD player to play avi files (my daughter has a sony portable DVD player for long haul flights).

    I have checked that neither my home DVD player nor this portable player will recognise mp4 or xvid.

    I use MactheRipper to rip DVDs to vob.

    I used to use handbrake, but now, because .avi is, to paraphrase their website, old fashioned, it no longer converts to avi.

    I am now using ffmegx. It works, but it is fiddly and only does one vob at a time, which I then have to join.

    Can anyone suggest a good alternative?

    Just read the sticky on MActhe Ripper and handbrake.

    I shall rephrase my question:

    I wish to find a similar programme to handbrake, now that handbrake has dropped .avi conversion. I want it for legal activity. Could anyone suggest a good prog?


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    If you can find a copy, Visual Hub should be able to handle this.

    If you can't find a copy, I think Redux Encoder (free) can do it in batches.

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    MPEG Streamclip can also do that, it also has a list menu where you can import multiple files and convert them in to one file
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