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doebtown 02-14-2010 03:09 AM

Advanced Screensaver
I want to have a screensaver create a random slideshow of the pictures in my iPhoto library. But I want to be able to set the duration that each picture stays on the screen for--say--2 minutes.

I can get the screensaver program that's built in to the OS to do everything EXCEPT allow me to set the duration of each slide.

I found a third party screensaver program that let me set the duration of each slide and it got me 99% of the way to what I want, but it doesn't create a RANDOM slideshow--it only presents the pictures in the order they are in the library.

Anybody got any ideas?

JUKE179r 02-14-2010 03:34 AM

Which OS are you using? I know in 10.5.8 I can set the duration for a random screensaver slideshow.

TattooedMac 02-14-2010 03:35 AM

Well im not sure what more you want. As you can see from my .image that you can choose a library, in random order and i have it set for 30 minutes ...

What else do you want ???

And before the Mods wrap you on the knuckles DONT double post :)

doebtown 02-14-2010 09:11 AM

I'm running Snow Leopard. TattooedMac, what you're seeing is the ability to have the OS change the DESKTOP image after a specified duration. That's, actually, the workaround I'm using right now. But it would be better if I could get the computer to create a randomly generated slideshow SCREENSAVER where I can set the duration that each picture is on the screen.

bobtomay 02-14-2010 11:20 AM

OS X does not have that feature and not sure you're going to find a 3rd party one either. The whole purpose of a screensaver is to have a continually moving picture rather than a static picture to prevent screen burn in. While that is not such an issue today as it has been in years past, that is still the philosophy behind it with the developers of them.

(Of course, now that I've said it, if there is one out there, someone will come along to correct me. ;D)

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