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Thread: Do I "have" to use MobileMe to upload my site from iWeb please?

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    Do I "have" to use MobileMe to upload my site from iWeb please?
    I've created a web page/site in iWeb. Do I "have" to upload it using MobileMe?

    What "is" mobile me anyway?

    Why otherwise, would I need it, if at all?

    I don't use iPods or iPhones.

    I'd really appreciate some guidance on uploading my website.

    I've uploaded one on my Windows PC using Coffee Cup, is anyone familiar with that product and if so, is it possible to use Coffee Cup on the Mac with iWeb successfully?

    Thanks for reading this.

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    If you have used coffee cup to upload a site, then you just need a mac FTP client like Cyberduck

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    Not at all. You can have iWeb publish it to a folder and you can then upload that. In fact, I think iWeb 09 even has built in FTP support.
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    vansmith has it right, but if you'd like to learn more about MobileMe visit Apple - MobileMe - Your iPhone, Mac, and PC. In perfect sync.

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    Thank you all. I'll have a look at your comments. Much appreciated, thanks.

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    Must not have been too important a web site if it's taken you 3 years to respond back.

    Plus MobileMe no longer exists.
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