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    Red face MacOsX and virusprotection
    We are implementing ssl-vpn solution in our organization. Because of that we have come to that conclusion that we request virusprotections from Mac-Users too.

    Does anyone have experience about virusscanners (both commercial and non-commercial) in MacOSX? Are there good ones that are non-commercial?

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    Esa Haajanen

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    Dont know all that tech talk mate but you might want to read this thread 1st

    The official Mac Anti Virus and Firewalls FAQ.
    Basically no need for Virus protection on a Mac.
    That thread might be old but it pertains as much as then as it does now.

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    What were the criteria that made you decide you need malware protection on OS X ?
    ( I am not suggesting you don't need it )

    Which threats were assessed and what vulnerabilities were considered that could make the threat materialize ?
    ( A threat might be that you are running windows inside OS X )

    What risks are you trying to protect yourself against ?

    Just trying to understand the risk assessment process you went through.
    Reading your post, you are already jumping in the ' solution ' space without having properly explained the ' problem ' space.

    Cheers ... McBie
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