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    Sloooooow TM Backups
    Ok here's the deal, I had Time Machine working just fine but I decided to reinstall snow leopard (giving me some nagging problems), Now SL runs great, but TM... not so much. It takes about 10 minutes to reach "preparing 99%" once here it takes about another 5 to finally begin to backup. Once it begins to backup it is painfully slow, it took 30 minutes to backup 1 GB. I remember usually it would take 30 minutes to backup around 40 GB. Is there a fix for this? BTW TM takes up about 60-80% of cpu power once it begins to backup, I assume this is not normal.

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    Can you have a look in the log files and see just how much time machine is trying to back up .... my guess is that it is trying to re-do a complete backup.
    In which case, there is no option but to let it complete ... and interrupting the backup process is not a good idea.

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    ok now after reading stuff online, my backups are about 100 kB in total, meaning they only take a few seconds to backup. This does not make sense because I have 46 GB of stuff that has not been backed up yet. Anyone else have this problem?

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    Just wipe the drive, allow TM to make a fresh backup. This is not the "true" answer but it will work and you can get on with your life.

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