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Thread: iPhoto problems

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    iPhoto problems
    you guys ever see this

    I phot will not work since I got tiger
    I cant even import photos into it.

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    I have. When I edited a photo yesterday, I thought I lost the original, so i took a backup from my other HDD and over wrote the file on my iMac's Hard Drive. When I did that, the file went to 0KBs and basically got corrupt. Then everytime I opened iPhoto I got the same msg b/c the file in my library was corrupt. Basically I had to delete the file and replace it with a file from my backup.

    Also, it turns out, that when you edit a file, it creates a backup in a directory called "Originals". This I did not know, so I ruined my edited photo for nothing. Live and learn.


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    That usually means the pic is corrupted. Once I accidently unplugged my USB2 Digital camera without unmounting it first. A few pics got corrupted and IPhoto gave me that error.

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    same here. when i copied mine over from my old hd, 20 or so didnt copy over right.. hopefully you have them backed up

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    these ar the pics that were in iPhoto before I upgraded I even tried reinstalling iPhoto but
    it does not recognize my library
    I will just start over there was a lot of crap in there anyway
    \Thanks for the barrage of responses(sarcasm)

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