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    Is PS3 media server the best to watch movies from my mac on my TV
    bought a used ps3 last night and don't have a controller. on my way out the door to buy one now, but if someone could post while i am gone that would be awesome! i have a ton of movies on my mac that i would love to watch on my 50inch tv using my ps3.
    could someone walk me thru how to setup pS3 media server or if there is another program that is better let me know how to set that one up.
    thanks a ton guys

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    thanks for that link but it didn't really give a step by step on how to get our ps3 and mac to communicate with each other...
    i have the ps3 turned on and opened ps3 media server but media server is not finding my ps3 and without someone telling exactly what to do, i don't even know where to start

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    Really it should just be as easy as opening PS3 Media Server and starting up your PS3. They're both on the same network, right?
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