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    Angry powerpoint 2008 animation not working
    Hi all, I created my powerpoint presentation on my mbp with pp2008 and added some simple fade animations. when i slide show it the animation doesn't work at all neither do the animated objects show in the first place. I'm not sure what is the problem. I searched the web but no one seems to have the same problem although they do have some animation problems with gif files or so. the same presentation created by pp2008 will work just fine with all animations when you run it on keynotes, straaange!!

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    Welcome to the Forum. My take is you would be better of to make it in Keynote and export from there in excel if u need to - or any of these other formats;

    Click for full size

    Check out my comments here -

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    thanks for your reply, actually i already created a long presentation with animation in powerpoint2008 and would like just to have it working but unfortunately animation does not work on powerpoint2008 however if opened by keynote the same presentation works just fine? so my question why is that happening and is there anyway to fix this problem in pp2008

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