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Thread: new problem: sending email

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    Feb 05, 2010
    new problem: sending email
    i cannot send email from my macbook pro. receive error message
    "cannot send message using the server" any suggestions? I have verified incoming and outgoing mail servers, password, etc

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    I'm going to assume you are using Mac Mail since you didn't tell us..and also that mail was working at some point in time and since has stopped? Did you change anything?

    Call your ISP to confirm that they didn't change anything on the server side that requires your notice.. time, posting MORE information about your problem is always a good thing..when we have to guess at your setup/situation..our answers aren't that good..


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    Did a quick search on google and got this response
    Mail-cannot send message using server - MacCast Forum

    Sounds like someone else had a similar problem and resolved it..

    Also, next time please make sure to post topics in the right forums, this is for Macworld 2010, Software > OS X - Operating System would be the right place for such a question
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    Nothing to do with MacWorld 2010, moving to a more appropriate forum.
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