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    PPTX to Flash - Any experience
    I have searched for a convertor and the best one seems to be keynotes 08, but i can only download keynotes 09 and there is no flash export option?

    Anyways, any mac based convertors out there? There are loads of Windoze based ones but nothing for the mac???

    I will pay for this as soon we will have many presentations we need to batch convert an dupload them to a secure area of a website whilst on site, so i need something that is not going to fail me.

    Any advice or experiences please share


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    You can save your presentation as a web page from PowerPoint 2008. Go to File > "Save as Web page..." to save it as a web page. Does that do the job for you? I know it's not Flash but it might get the job done for you. I don't use the Windows version of Office but there may be a similar function available.
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    Thanks, but it has to be flash as it's all set up in our custom set up.

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    You could export it as a movie, then convert the movie to Flash. Might be simpler and would certainly have a much higher chance of looking exactly how you want it to look.

    This thread covered this topic last year, you may still be able to find VisualHub which can definitely do this (and now its free but totally withdrawn/unsupported) even in Snow Leopard.

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Thanks, at least that's an option although i wanted an all in one program that would batch them.

    I do have parallels on my Macbook, so maybe my only choice is to launch the darkside up to get these done

    I still don't understand why Keynote 08 can output direct and keynote 09 can't. Is there a way to get the dmg for keynote 08?


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