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Thread: Automatically run Automator workflow

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    Question Automatically run Automator workflow
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and this looks like the place to ask this question, so here goes.

    I made an Automator workflow (the contextual menu kind) that first changes the modified date of a file to today's date and time and then moves the file to another folder (~/Torrents/). It works perfectly, but I was wondering if there was a way that it would automatically run the workflow when I download a file with the .torrent extension.

    I use Safari, and when I download any file it downloads it onto the desktop (I like organizing my downloads myself which is why I don't download straight into ~/Downloads/).

    Is there a way so when I download a .torrent file to the desktop it will automatically run my "change date then move file" workflow? I've uploaded a copy of the workflow I made *here*, the only difference is that the attached file is not a context menu service.

    Thanks, I'd really appreciate any input I could get!

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    Hi, what your looking for is an automator trigger, this is possible with a folder action. Instead of creating a service, you have to choose "Folder action" when creating a new file in automator. Then select your desktop folder in the top of the automator window (my system is in french, so I don't know what's the exact label in english, but you can't miss it, there's a drop down menu to select the folder). Then add your actions like you would do in a service, if I where you, I would add an action above all, to make sure your script only works on .torrent files. I guess the name in english should be something like "Filter finder items", in this action you can add a condition like "only file with .torrent extension". And then add the action your using in your workflow. It should to the trick, every time a new file gets in your desktop folder, the script will launch, if it's a .torrent file, it will execute your script.

    I hope this will help you, let me know if I'm not clear enough.

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