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Thread: itunes problem.

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    Feb 03, 2010
    itunes problem.
    hello i am 100% new to apple computers i just bought a macbook pro and im very happy.
    My issue is that i used to sync my iphone with my old windows laptop which no longer works. I have a lot of music, photos, notes etc that i want to keep but how do i do this now that i can no longer sync with my old windows laptop? The music i do not mind losing but the pictures and notes and stuff i do. When i clicked sync it said something about everything getting replaced with "this" library. Am i going to lose everything? Apple doesn't expect us to stay with the same computer forever right?

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    i assume you have internet on your phone. this is gonna suck but you could email all your pics to yourself, download them onto your mac, and then let itunes sync and move them back over to the phone. my girl has a pc and i have a mac. itunes on the mac does not get along with itunes on windows, so my ipod is always getting formated when i use the different os's. u could also see if you can transfer files from your iphone w/o sync'n it. maybe itunes help could be more insightfull then i am.

    good luck

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    You said your old PC laptop no longer works. Were you able to get your files off it before it died? If it wasn't the hard drive that died, it would be fairly easy to remove the hard drive, and have someone get your files off it. Then all you would have to do is copy the files over onto your Mac, importing them into iTunes. Then sync your iPhone.

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    thanks so in order for you to keep all your files secure you need to never get rid of the computer you use to sync your iphone?

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    also i took all these pics and videos with my iphone so i dont think i have any of that on my old pc. right?

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    Can you select your iPhone to manually manage for the time being, then copy all the pictures over, anbd then once you have the same pictures between your iPhone and new mac, just hit sync then?

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