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    A few months ago I bought my first Mac Laptop after using imacs for a while. I purchased a 13" Pro with Snow Leopard. So everything is going well until I tried to transfer my account info for the email program from my imac to the laptop. After copying down on paper and put the info on the laptop, it would only receive email, not send email. So after a few frustrating tries to correct this, I literally put the laptop next to the imac and went line for line copying the account info from one mail program to another. And it still only receives and not sends email. The older imac sends and receives ok with the same account info. The imac's mail version is 1.3.11 and my laptop's mail is version 4.2 but the mail account info is the same. I am clueless now. Can anyone help me on this?

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    Welcome to the Forum. A better way to get info across would have been the Migration Assistant. Even now rather than trying to find the issue you may find it best to do these steps.
    Get the iMac up to current with all you emails etc,
    Reinstall Snow leopard onto the MBP using install discs that came with it,
    download and Install the Combo Updater here
    Run Software update from Apple Menu until no further updates show up,
    Connect the iMac to MBP by Firewire lead, 800 if u have one but 400 will do Ok
    Then start iMac in Target Mode by powering on and holding T key - u will see a firewire symbol on screen,
    Then open Migration Assistant on MBP ~Applications > Utilities
    Then select to import all except Applications to MBP,
    Power off iMac and disconnect.
    Boot up MBP then download fresh 3rd Party Apps you use,
    and if all is OK,
    then make a Bootable Back up using Superduper to an Ext HD - insurance against future problems,
    Then every week or so do a Superduper Smart Update - just saves any changes,
    Then your computing life should be stable.

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    Under mail account setting, double check the 'Outgoing mail server' SMTP

    Make sure you are using the right server to send out your mail. Your IP may have info on what setting/name to use.

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