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    Smile Switching from DPS Velocity to FCP7, advice on building most efficient MacPro system?
    Hi, new to forum & serious video editing on the mac. Am looking for advice I have a PC switcher, who up till now has been using DPS Velocity & has decided to switch over the Mac. The idea is to get Mac Pro 8 core (2.26/2.66/2.93??), run Final Cut Pro 7, and load 8GB of memory.
    Would I need to go for a Raid array of internal disks, can anyone give me quick Raid for dummies how & why to use?
    Or am i okay with 2 TB Hard Drives?
    Or do I get the 2TB Hard Drives that i run on Raid, am a bit confused.

    Also how do these video editing systems compare?
    Given that DPS Velocity is probably 2 versions older than current version.

    Thanks in advance for all feedbacks.

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    1 prev. gen MB with a 350hd. 1 20inch previous iMac. Both run SL jailbroken 1st gen ipod touc. &3g i
    Well FCP is a pretty big application, The more power the better I would say,

    Raid is very easy on a mac- Get all the drives you want then boot off you install disk and in about 3 steps have them raided.

    I have bo idea about the velocity question, but FCP is very nice

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