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Thread: Windows xp disk doesn't work in vm ware fusion

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    Windows xp disk doesn't work in vm ware fusion
    i have a xp home edition that i know has been used twice. upon trying to install it, i was givin an error message:

    can anyone help? im not in the position to buy a new xp, nor do i want to get a pirated OS
    Edit: i just realized this was an upgrade disk but i was able to do a clean install on an old dell
    Mac specs: late 2009 MBP 15 inch 2.53ghz 4gb Ram 320 gb HDD, 32 gb iphone 3gs white, 16 gb iphone 2g

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    Try cleaning the CD and maybe your superdrive. If the XP CD is a valid one that has been used before, it could be dirty or even scratched. You might also want to try cleaning the drive to make sure.

    EDIT: I just caught the part about it being an upgrade disk. Fusion requires a FULL install disk be used as an upgrade disk can not be ejected during the install to provide proof of upgrade to the Windows installer. Looks like you need to buy a copy anyway.


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