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    Issues with Safari
    Im having a couple issues with Safari that just started today. I am running the newest version, have been for a while and tried reinstalling it to see if that worked.
    Issue 1. In the address bar, usually you just have to type the name of the site and press return. So to come here i just type 'mac-forums' and press return, regardless if it's in the history or not. No www. or .com. This doesnt work anymore. I do that and it takes me to a yahoo based search engine.
    Issue 2. Certain web pages are not acting correctly. Mainly the 'Tv Guide' website. there in box that let you scroll up and down to see what is on TV. This box wont load. The rest of the pages load fine, I can search, etc. Just this box. Same thing has happened with other similar websites.
    I installed Chrome and the tv guide issue was solved. But I like Safari better and would rather use that.
    Any ideas??

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    First thing to try - is remove all Safari plug ins that you may have installed. The plug ins if installed previously, would not necessarily be uninstalled if you reinstalled Safari.

    Navigate to: /Volumes/MacIntosh HD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ and look to see if you have anything installed.

    Also take a look at your preferences for Safari.


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    There were two plug-ins, neither should have had anything to do with my issues, but I deleted them anyway. I still have the issues. Also, I looked through my preferences and didnt see anything that might help. Thank you for the suggestions though.

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    call me a lier - I restarted my computer after deleting those plug-ins and everything works. Weird. Thanks so much!

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    For those that might get here in the future - first step here
    is just that - restart.

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