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JeremyZ 01-31-2010 10:12 AM

How do I resize images in iPhoto?
I poked around a bit, and can't seem to figure this out. This software has lots of features that are more advanced than resize, so I assume it is in there somewhere.

I had planned on buying Aperture or Photoshop Elements at some future date, but they are pretty expensive for what I need.

I used to use Irfanview for PC. Great program. Simple, cheap, I even bought a registered copy for $20 to support Irfan. (that's the guy's name) I'll have to look at whether it'll work on Mac, but I doubt it.


JeremyZ 01-31-2010 10:14 AM

I found a little slider at the bottom that seems to resize, but I don't know how many pixels it is. (I'm trying to make a new avatar) I don't know if it is actually resizing the image or just making it appear smaller...

scathe 01-31-2010 10:18 AM

I don't use iPhoto that much, but I know you can change the size of a picture using Preview, and it's actually very simple

open up your picture with Preview and go to Tools/Adjust size

Kevriano 01-31-2010 10:24 AM

Do you want to permanently resize them? It's not really possible in iPhoto itself. Better to use third party software, which you drag the photo's into and choose the size you want.
If so then the best program is this:

Apple - Downloads - Imaging & 3D - OSX Image Resizer

Easy to use, and copes with batch re-sizeing admirably.

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