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Thread: Resize iTunes window

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    Resize iTunes window

    I have a problem...

    Usually I use an external Monitor with my MBPro and run iTunes maximized (as large as the screen is). When I'm mobile and open iTunes, it won't resize correctly. Usually you can resize a window in the bottom right corner, but with the wrong resize on my MBPro monitor I can't click on the lower right protion of the window to resize it.

    I've got a screenshot of that:


    There you can see, that the lower right corner is not accessible...
    I simply want to resize the iTunes window so that it fits my Desktop again, so is there another way of resizing windows on my Mac?

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    Try changing the resolution on your MBP back to it's native resolution - 1440x900.

    System Preferences - Displays
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    Ahh...good hint!! I changed the resolution of my MB to anything where I could see the resize-corner. Now I have it the way I want.


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