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Thread: Mail: why do deleted e-mail addresses stay in the memory!!

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    Mail: why do deleted e-mail addresses stay in the memory!!
    I use Mail to send and receive e-mails. When I delete an old e-mail address and replace it with a new one (for the same person) Mail still remembers the old address as well as offering me the new one when I start to type the first letters in the "To" box. Is there a way I can ‘permanently’ delete old e-mail addresses please. Otherwise I have to "remember" which is the old one and which is new and as I have many e-mail addresses in my list, that's very difficult.

    I hope someone can help. Thanks.

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    1. On the Menu bar go to Window - Previous Recipients


    2. Start typing the address or name you want to remove in a new message and select it from the auto-complete list.
    Click the small down arrow that appears when you hover the cursor over the recipient's name.
    Select 'Remove Address' from the menu.
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    Talking Thank you!!
    That's brilliant!!!

    It worked!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, that's been annoying me for the last 8 weeks.

    Thank you, Thank you!!

    Warmest regards.

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    Thanks for option 2 Bob. I didn't know about that method. Actually I forgot about that one. Yeah that's it, forgot.

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