Hi, I'm trying to do a chroma key with a blue screen with Final Cut but I keep getting either the flicker and/or pixelated edge. I don't think it's a problem with the lighting or the actual screen. It was consistently lit, good depth, no shadows or anything like that.

Also, between Final Cut Pro and Color (maybe even Motion), which would be the best program to use to get the best result? I'm looking for a good quality but also a quick turnaround. I tried going through making a motion-tracked matte in Motion which did a great job at hiding the flicker, but simply was just far too time consuming.

Right now, I'm using Final Cut's chroma keyer that gets it down to a pretty good product, but there's still just that hint of a flicker around the edges when it's on a light background.

I guess in short, what specific filters and levels do you all use to produce the best result with a green or blue screen (I know every project is different but just to get a general sense of what does work out there).