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    Problem with outgoing mail
    I an a new Mac user. Out of the box, mail seemed to set itself up automatically. I use RoadRunner on my PC. After it set up, I found I receive mail but any that I write isn't sent out. I used the "doctor" but nothing that I read or did seems to correct that problem. Any suggestions?

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    It's possible that Roadrunner uses some non-standard ports for sending mail (most do) what you should do is call up Roadrunner and ask them for what their SMTP server name/IP address is. Also ask them which port you should use.

    With that info in hand, and with them on the phone, go to Mail->Preferences->Accounts and you should see your account listed. On the right tab you'll see Outgoing Mail Server, click on that drop-down box and choose Edit SMTP Server List. In the ensuing list there will most likely be an entry for your Roadrunner account ( or something..highlight that entry, enter a nice name for you to remember, enter the name/IP address Roadrunner gave you, click on Advanced and if the port they gave you isn't the default one listed there, enter the custom port.

    Additionally, some SMTP servers might need your username/password and you can set that up here..

    If there was no entry when you got the SMTP list, hit the + sign and enter the information the same way as described above.

    Now, save, and try to resend your message..

    I've found that if you ask for EXACT information from these ISP's, they'll give it you and you can do the rest, if you tell them you're trying to Mail on a Mac, they'll give you a lame excuse that they don't support Macs or something and give you the run-around..


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    Also go into System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS and you should see one greyed out IP address, yours, and a Primary and Secondary address. If they are not listed contact your ISP requesting the addresses.

    It does seem to happen set up misses these on occasions.

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