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    How do I assign a workflow applic to a shortcut key?

    I'm a new mac user using OS Snow Leopard [i think!! it says Mac OS X 10.6.2].
    Anyway i've just found automator and have created a workflow/as well as an applic however when assigning this to keyboard shortcuts i'm not allowed the option to assign a shortcut.

    I've also tried to download the shortcuts applic but that doesn't work either,

    I was therefore hoping someone could help?


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    To assign a keyboard shortcut to an Automator workflow, you need to create it as a service. Choose File > New and then select Service as the template. When you've finished and saved the new service, open the Keyboard pane in System Preferences. Then click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab and choose Services in the left pane. Find your service in the list and double click to the right of its name (or select it and press Return) and then press the keys you'd like to use.

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