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    Is there away to access your Yahoo folders (non inbox) with iMail? I have Yahoo Mail Plus, yet I can't access all my custom folders. Very frustrating. Thanks.

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    Hang around see if anyone has a specific answer for your solution. But consider this in the meantime...

    I did this with my hotmail personal folders in Mac Mail because I couldn't figure out how to import/export them. I went into hotmail on the web and emptied the inbox. Then moved all from my "Keepers" folder into inbox. Then in Mail they all showed up and I manually created a folder called "Keepers" and moved them from the inbox to that folder. Probably would be messy if you have a lot of emails in your inbox in Mac Mail that you don't want to move. But you could also create a temp folder in Mac Mail to put the inbox emails into for the mean time while you move everything over. *shrug* But I'm sure there's an easier, more-direct way.

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