hi all,
as like so many i had filevault on and before i knew it there was so much info in it that i can't switch it off.
I used an external hd and cloned my drive using a WD scorpio Blue 640gb.
The problem now is that when you open finder it shows the correct amount of hd space left in my stock 250gb on mbp but in "get info " it has taken the data from the WD hd and now states that its the same size as the Wd hd basically if you back it up it states its a 640gb hd.
ok you could say just wipe the 250hd and reclone using WD640 hd. my question is, is there any data degradation carrying out multiple clones????
i've had a few problems and carried a fresh instal but my worry is that my itunes stuff is now saying you can only authorise 1 more computer.
didn't realise that carrying out fresh instal was classed as another computer.
any thoughts ????????