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    Question Mail: Printing List of Emails in Leopard/Snow Leopard
    How do I print a list of the emails in a mailbox? All I want to print are the summaries (date, sender, recipient, subject line). Is there a program I can install to perform this function? I found an article on but it is useless. This is an easy task in Outlook and I am surprised it is so difficult in Mac. I would appreciate your suggestions.


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    I don't know of any built-in functionality of Mail that does this, but it would be simple to do with AppleScript. How exactly would you like the message summaries to be formatted? If you give me an idea, I could try to work out a script to do it for you.

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    What I've done in the past (with Eudora) is to screenshot (either Cmd-Shift-3 or Cmd-Shift-4) the page (of what you've mentioned) and then print from Preview of the image.
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