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    Angry Time Machine + NAS problems, please help

    I've had time machine up and running fine with my NAS (mybook world edition(white stripe)) for just over a week, and yesterday I noticed time machine doing a full backup. I though to myself "how strange", checked the backup folder and noticed it was actually creating a new sparsbundle, and the old one which had the weeks worth of backups was reading as 0kb. I tried to delete the old one and it gave me an error code 50 (in fact it still is, I can't delete it).

    My worry is that after doing another full backup I'm going to have the same problem, as I can't link it to anything. There's plenty of room on the NAS for the backups, so space isn't the issue.

    Did it corrupt itself? Anyone else experienced this issue with a NAS (or I guess any external or local).

    I've had a look around and haven't found anything matching my scenario.

    Any help?

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    I have a Netgear ReadyNAS that is the storage for my Time Machine and it's been running great for the past 8 months without any problems. After the initial bundle creation that backed up my entire drive, all consecutive backups are very small (~25 MB) and quick.


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    I think I may have worked out what happened ...

    My power went out at some point last night ... around the same time I 'think' time machine buggered up. So my assumption is that the power was cut to the NAS just as time machine happened to be doing a back up, perhaps corrupting the sparsbundle.

    This is only an assumption, but I figure a reasonable one!

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